Death in police custody ruled homicide by N.C medical examiner

9 month ago

The death of a black man in police custody was ruled a homicide by the North Carolina medical examiner on Friday.

The Office said that Marcus Deon Smith,38 , died of cardiopulmonary arrest caused by several factors including "prone restraint", but also drugs, alcohol and cardiovascular disease. The city of Greensboro claims that officers followed all procedures before his death and didn't violate any policies while taking the victim in custody.

The events occured on Sept.8 when four police officers put Smith in a patrol car after finding him suicidal and running through traffic. They placed him prone on the ground, his hand were cuffed behind his back and a strap was placed on his ankles. The decedent was grunting loudly then more quitely. When they checked on him, he was unresponsiv.