A drug gang busted by police;leaving 2 deaths and 7 criminals in custody

9 month ago

a drug gang intended to perform their drug deals in a warehouse, however, the deal idea was just a cover-up as police were waiting there to bust the mission.

the DEA, HPD Narcotics, federal agents and SWAT officers had set up a joint investigation into a known drug and narcotics operation at the warehouse near Harrisburg Boulevard and 77th Street around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

according to Police Chief Art Acevedo, the gang members were all armed with handguns.

once officers identified themselves two of the suspects run away from the warehouse; one of them started shooting at police.

WAT officers fired back, killing the shooter. the other runaway got into a car and drove a short distance before crashing into a parked vehicle and fleeing on foot into a nearby quarry where he was found by K-9 officers.

while being handcuffed the man started complaining of shortness of breath before going into full cardiac arrest.

Medics tried performing CPR, but in vain and the man was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Acevedo said:“Anytime there’s a loss of life, it’s tragic, but when you shoot at police officers who are in full uniform, you know you are shooting a police officer or officers unfortunately for that suspect they have to return fire to protect themselves and others,That’s what they did in this case and tragically that suspect lost his life.”

the remaining 7 suspects surrendered peacefully and will face charges.

The SWAT officer who shot the first man has been placed on administrative leave.