Husband shoots wife dead in front of kids as she screamed for help

6 month ago

Dawson County news, Georgia news.

Georgia authorities announced the arrest of a man accused of shooting dead his wife inside her car in front of her children.

The abusive husband, former Army Ranger Jeremy Wade Gibson, 44, will stand trial on charges of murder.

The incident occurred on July 29, just after 7:30 p.m. when a frantic Amy, 44, called police asking for help. Her armed husband was following her as she headed to a fire station to ask for help. "She pulled into the parking lot at a high rate of speed, like screeching tires," Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson said at a news conference. "She began begging for help through the closed window. They could hear her screaming."

Jeremy shot his wife five times including once in the head. She died at the scene and he was arrested without incident.