Fire Chief: There weren't enough working smoke detectors at Pennsylvania home day care center where 5 killed

4 month ago

Erie news, Pennsylvania news.

The fire chief said there were not enough working smoke detectors in a home care facility in Pennsylvania where a fire killed five children.

State officials who inspect home daycares do not check smoke detectors, Fire Chief Guy Santone said Tuesday. However, municipal authorities and state legislators are working on legislation that would require childcare centers to register with the city so that it can deploy inspectors.

Santone said there was a detector in the attic of the Erie Lake City Daycare.

Fire officials suspect that the fire that broke out Sunday morning at Harris Family Daycare was accidental, according to Santone. They are looking for an electric fire.

An adult and two teenagers managed to escape the fire. Five children aged 8 months to 7 years died.