Skydiving instructor committed suicide falling from sky to his death

9 month ago

An experienced skydiving indtructor commited suicide by deliberately releasing his safety harness last September.

A two-month investigation concluded Brett Bickford, 41, loosened his haness midair intentionaly and fell a mile to his death on Sept. 27. He separated from his student who landed safely with the parachute and contacted police. The skydiver's body was found the next day by a search and rescue team about 750 feet southwest of the Lebanon Airport runway.

According to his obituary, "Brett was one amazing and smart young man. Those who knew Brett know he had a free spirit of life to live one day at a time."

This week, Maine's medical examiner concluded that Bickford's death was a suicide. Bickford who had been an instructor of Skydiving for 10 years, didn't leave a suicide note.