Toddler, 2, miraculously survives crash after van rolled down hill

6 month ago

Duluth news, Minnesota news.

A Minneapolis toddler had miraculously survived a crash when the van she was inside rolled down a steep hill on Thursday afternoon.

The toddler's 27-year-old mother described how her heart has nearly stopped when she heard her neighbor yelling: "Your car is rolling down the hill!" and realized that her 2-year-old toddler was inside the vehicle, not belted in.

"It didn't feel real. I bolted down the hill as fast as I could to get to my baby who was in the car unbuckled and I was waiting anxiously for them to get her out. She was miraculously ok!"

Officer Todd Simmons intervened, called for medical help then crawled into the van and removed the child.

After being checked out, the girl, Bella, was released with no serious injuries.