Methamphetamine addict held his 2 friends hostage inside a Walmart .

9 month ago

on Black Friday, Wal-Mart was forced into lockdown mode when an alleged methamphetamine addict held two of his friends as hostages inside the mart.

police revealed that Justin Eugene Godsy and two friends were getting high inside a stolen car in a Walmart parking lot in Vancouver, Washington, a suburb of Portland, Oregon, when he became suspicious and accused them of stealing drugs and money from him.

He intended to take the man and woman accompanying him hostages but failed when he discovered that the car’s battery was dead, so he forced the male hostage to go inside the mart to steal some jumper cables.

the hostage told employees what was happening and asked them to call 911 and sheriff’s deputies arrived in an armored vehicle soon after.

Godsy was disturbed by the police confrontation so he drugged the female hostage with him inside the store.

Godsy later ran out of the store, scaled a freeway along Interstate 5 and eventually ended up hiding behind an RV, He was detained a short while later and police found two firearms in the stolen car.