Truck driver fatally strikes 2 sisters while searching on Youtube

4 month ago

Los Angeles news, California news.

Two Los Angeles sisters on their way to school have been fatally struck by a truck driver who was searching for music on Youtube.

Marlene Lorenzo, 14, and her sister Amy, 12, were on their way to Clinton Middle School on April 4 when they were struck by a double bottom dump truck driven by 31-year-old Stanley Bernard Randle.

"He stopped at a red light waiting to make a right turn so while he was stopped he was looking at Youtube music videos and when the light turns green he stops to look at the video and proceeds to make a right turn," said Detective Moses Castillo. "He never saw the girls because he was looking at his Youtube videos."

Randle's next hearing is scheduled for June 12. One of the girls died that same day, while the other passed away a month later.