former Republican is under fire after suggesting that US should stop the sanctimonious talk about Khashoggi murder.

9 month ago

Charlie Dent a former Pennsylvania Republican was rebuked on Monday after he said that the US should not act like a self-righteous entity in connection to Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of the Saudis.

dent suggested that a lot of US allies are having human rights issues.

in response to Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s reasoning about US resolution toward Saudis in connection with the journalist murder; Rubio said that the US cannot get involved in another country business even if the latter abused human rights.

dent then responded that Us should stop being sanctimonious toward the incident noting thatTurkey and its president was a former US ally is doing bad concerning its human rights record and those nations cannot adopt all the values provided by the US.

dent the admitted that the murder was horrific, however, nothing can be done to change anything about the incident.

Jane Harman, former ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security’s intelligence subcommittee fired back saying that the US can at least cut off or limit funding Saudis and that the Saudi monarchy should search for another crown prince as last resolution.