American citizen who entered North Korea illegally would be deported

9 month ago

the North Korean state news agency reported Friday that they will deport a U.S citizen who was captured after he entered North Korea through China illegally.

the man identified as Bruce Byron Lowrance claimed that he belongs to U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

in November 2017 a man with the same name was captured and deported from South Korea near the border with North Korea.

A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy in the South Korean capital, Seoul, said that nothing about the case was issued yet as it is not revealed yet whether U.S officials are aware of Byron being detained.

while North Korea's treatment toward U.S citizens is becoming controversial year after year with the death of an American student Otto Warmbier back in 2017 after he was detained for 17 months by North Korean authorities, the thing that fueled anger between the parts leading to threats of war and tension between the two governments.

In order to ease the situation and make a place for a summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in November North Korea released three American prisoners and handed them over to the U.S in May.

the united states are obstructing its relationship with North Korea for the time being after Korean media outlet announced the testing of a new weapon for the first time in almost a year.