Father of a man accused of killing four people in Tennessee last year charged with unlawful delivery of a firearm in Illinois

6 month ago

Pekin news, Illinois news.

A prosecutor said Thursday that the father of a man accused of killing four people at Waffle House in Tennessee last year has been charged with illegally handing over a firearm to Illinois.

Travis Reinking, Reinking's son, is incarcerated for first degree murder since April 2018 attack in Nashville. The police assigned a client who was quickly thinking of the time to fight with the rifle to prevent more deaths.

Jeffrey Reinking, 55, is charged with knowingly handing an AR-15 rifle to Travis, 30 years old. The son was a patient in the mental health unit at a hospital in Peoria, Illinois.

Reinking has filed a bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 25. He faces up to three years in prison and a fine if convicted.

After being charged, Travis Reinking was sentenced to treatment for schizophrenia in a mental health facility and in October he was found fit to stand trial.

Travis Reinking sent text messages to his father in which he punctuated daily conversations with delirious speeches.

The texts included discussions about work and meals. But the son also wrote that his phone had been hacked and that people were trying to kill him.

Travis Reinking was a former crane operator. He was arrested by the intelligence service in July 2017 after venturing into an area on the grounds of the White House and asking to meet with President Donald Trump.