paradise turned to hell : recalling memories from the town before wildfire .

9 month ago

paradise town was once a calm place where good people used to live in harmony before getting whipped by the huge flames of California's wildfire.

The town is spread out on a wide ridge between deep canyons formed by the west branch of the Feather River to the east and Butte Creek to the west. The Paradise area extends northward to include the unincorporated town of Magalia, as well as Stirling City, eleven miles north. Elevation of the area where the town is located in 1,778 feet (542 m) The town itself is approximately eight miles east of the city of Chico, and ten miles north of the Oroville area.

now, Much of Paradise was destroyed by fire on November 8, 2018, after the community was struck by the fast-moving Camp Fire, which, within one day, killed at least 42 people and destroyed at least 7,177 structures, of which 6,453 were homes.

latest death toll number reached to 63 while firefighters are still looking for human cadavers from under ruins and ashes.

authorities are still doing their best to help victims of the catastrophe, while elder survivors are still telling stories about the glamorous days of paradise town.