Four victims following a Southern California

6 month ago

Yorba Linda news, California news.

four victims are identified by the authorities, he was in a house in southern California at the time of a fatal plane crash Sunday that also cost the life of the pilot.

Roy Lee Anderson, 85, and his wife, Dahlia Marlies, 68-year-old Leber Anderson, and two family members, Stacie Norene Leber, 48, and Donald Paul Ellitot, 58, were inside the house. and died in the accident, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The twin-engine Cessna 414A sunk into the Anderson two-story house in the Yorba Linda suburb at 1:45 pm, the newspaper said. Yorba Linda is about 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

In the dashcam video released Monday, the plane is on fire as it falls from the sky towards the residential area. A trail of black smoke and flames is visible before the plane crashes into the house.

Nothing suggested a criminal act or an intentional accident, a source told the Times.

75-year-old Antonio Pastini of Nevada was the pilot, also died.