Euthanasia party for dying wife landed Minnesota man in prison.

7 month ago

Brown County news, Minnesota news.

A Minnesota man has been arrested after taking his wife out of a care home and throwing a "death party" for her.

Duane Arden Johnson, 58, was arrested Friday for criminal neglect after he called 911 to report that his 69-year-old wife Debra Lynn Johnson had died.

When police arrived at his home in the small town of Searles, Johnson ran outside naked and told them his wife was dead. He then went back inside to take a bath so he could wash little white and black "things" coming from his skin, of which there were none.

Johnson said his wife told him that she didn't want to die in her nursing home.

He said the couple took crystal meth, 'rocked out' to 1980s metal band Quiet Riot and had sex for hours before she died.

Investigators learned from the New Ulm Medical Center that Debra Johnson had been at a transitional care center but her husband removed her against medical advice. She previously had two heart attacks, had diabetes and high blood pressure. She also reportedly had mental illnesses and was on anti-psychotic medication.

A search of their home also revealed numerous guns, rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Johnson claimed he had 47 guns, many of them stolen.

An autopsy is being carried out to determine Debra's cause of death.

Johnson was taken into custody on Thursday and placed at the Brown County Jail on Friday, on $250,000 bail or a conditional bail of $150,000.