Mogadishu car bombing:list of deaths rises to 52 victim.

9 month ago

Mogadishu the capital of Somalia faced a fatal 3 cars bombing near a hotel.

numbers of death reached to 52 people according to hospital officials. while Around 100 people were injured in the bombing attack.

according to the medical director at the Medina hospital in Mogadishu, Mohammed Yusuf, 5 people died in the earliest hours of Monday while 2 others give away deceased in another hospital.

the attackers who were dressed in police uniform were identified as members of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated terror group Al-Shabaab an organization which is responsible for numbers of bombings in Mogadishu since 2006 and killed numerous numbers of citizens.

wounded people from the attack included a former government official, a district police chief, and a journalist; while a well-respected hotel owned Abdifitah Abdirashid died in the incident.

around 52somalian officers were rescued from the attack which lasted 20 minutes.

police shot 5 of the attackers that tried to burst into the Sahafi hotel.

the incident was just another bombing incident the thing that started to be a normal ritual in the life of Somalian citizens and where innocent people lose their lives randomly.