lost Wedding Ring In Ashes:Couple found their long lost treasure after losing their home in camp fire.

10 month ago

Jake Olsen’s home was burned to pieces on Thursday in the horrific Camp Fire incident in the town of Paradise.

the couple was in hurry to evacuate the house after blazing tongues of fire were already eating up the property when the wife lost her precious wedding ring.

Olsen returned to what was one day his home to inspect the damage and to look for the lost wedding ring.

the man dug inside a rumble where the countertop of his kitchen used to stand; after digging a bit the ring was miraculously there covered with ashes.

the woman called to check on her husband and was very moved upon hearing the news.

a lot of houses were burned in California's wildfire, people would later return to gather their memories from the ashes in order to carry on living in this world.