The redesigned 2020 Ford Explorer, America's best-selling SUV in history

7 month ago

The Ford Explorer, redesigned in 2020, the best selling in history, announced its public appearance Wednesday night at a grand ceremony in Detroit.

Car buyers will see popular showrooms later this year. This is the first complete redesign of the browser since 2011.

Ford engineers have described it as being lighter, more agile and stronger, but more importantly, it is designed with the consumer in the center.

"We have reinvented Explore.r from the beginning," said Bill Gopping, Ford Explorer's chief global engineer. "Over the past eight years, our team has worked together to bring this client to life, to breathe it, to study, to learn and to understand this client."

He added, “We went to observe them in the wild” to get candid, unscripted feedback.