Massachusetts man sentenced to 10 years for cyberattack on children's hospital.

5 month ago

the man who has attacked the computer network of a well-known hospital in Boston as a way of protesting the treatment of a teenager following a high-profile custody battle was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Martin Gottesfeld, 32, was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to damage protected computers and one count of damaging protected computers, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said that in late 2013, Gottesfeld, a computer systems engineer living in Somerville, Massachusetts, learned about a child custody dispute involving a Connecticut teenager named Justina Pelletier.

Pelletier had been taken into state custody in Massachusetts after a dispute over her diagnosis arose between her parents and Boston Children’s Hospital, which determined her health problems were psychiatric in nature and believed her parents were interfering with her treatment.

Gottesfeld who was advocating online for the teen's release represented himself at the hearing. He argued he should be sentenced to time served. He insists his actions weren't criminal because he says he was trying to save the teen's life.

Gottesfeld said he plans to challenge the verdict, his wife revealed that they will appeal after the hearing.