Manhunt for woman who fatally struck a manicurist continues

5 month ago

Authorities have issued a reward for information leading to the capture of the woman who allegedly fatally hit and dragged a salon owner after getting a manicure service and trying to skip out the $35 bill.

Kristal Whipple, 21, is accused of hitting Ngoc Q. Nguyen on Dec. 29 after getting a manicure at the victim's salon. She reportedly told Nguyen and her husband that she had to go to her car to get cash when her credit card was declined.

A surveillance video of the tragic event has been released to help locate the suspect. It shows Nguyen running out of her shop and trying to stop the fleeing vehicle, standing in front while her husband stood back. Whipple then accelerated through the parking lot, dragging the manicurist 50 feet away.