Airports are witnessing a rise in security screening devices that unleash the work

5 month ago

The federal agency responsible for guaranteeing the security of American airports has acknowledged an increase in the number of its employees who stopped work during the partial closure of the government.

TSA employees are expected to work without pay during the closed period as their work is essential.

The TSA said in a statement on Friday that invitations issued during the holiday period had increased. The agency did not specify how many of its employees had been summoned, but said the exit requests had "had little effect, given the presence of 51,739 employees supporting the selection process." that waiting times "could be affected", but so far ". remain well in the standards of the TSA. ""

According to the statement, the agency "TSA monitors the situation closely." Security will not be compromised. "

Michael Bello, spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration, said 5.5% of the airline management, workforce at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport was Friday, compared with 3.5% on the day normal. He added that waiting times "can be effected", but that all passengers will be checked as usual.

Airport officials said there were no extraordinary delays at J.F.K. Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports or Miami International Airport.