FBI agent accidentally shot someone while dancing.

6 month ago

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann said that Chase Bishop, a 30-year-old FBI agent who shot someone inadvertently while dancing in a Denver bar, will not be sentenced to death. prison sentence.

In a press release on Friday, McCann said he pleaded guilty to a third-degree assault hearing. The plea agreement meant that Bishop had been sentenced to 24 months of supervised probation, which he could complete outside the country, the statement said. Bishop will also be fined $ 1,200 and a contribution to the Victims Fund.

The victim, Tom Reddington, 24, told the judge Friday that his life had changed the night he was shot dead, according to the Denver Post. He added that he lost his job in an Amazon warehouse.

However, Reddington also stated that he "bears no personal grudge against Mr. Bishop".