Drunk driver accused while driving with three children

6 month ago

A driver who was driving at high speed was stopped early this morning. He had three children in the car at the time of the incident.

At approximately 1:45 am (Tuesday, January 1, 2018), officers from the North Beach Police District Command patrolled when they saw the Mitsubishi Outlander driving with its lighthouses on Kentwell Road in Alabama Heights.

The police stopped the vehicle and conducted a roadside breathing test on the 48-year-old driver.

The test gave a positive result and the man was transferred to the Lama Police Station, where the television analysis in Hurghada would have been 0.168.

He received notice of court attendance in the field to obtain a high level PCA certificate and his license was suspended. His passengers - three children aged two to nine and nine and ten - and a woman was in the car at that time. The man is scheduled to appear in the Manly Local Court on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.

The notification of the child at risk was sent to the Department of Family and Community Services.